The Black Tattoo
The Black Tattoo - a book about demonic possession, flying kung fu, vomiting bats, the end of the universe and other fun stuff like that, by Sam Enthoven.

Who is Sam Enthoven?

Some authors are really two people who write together. Sam Enthoven is in fact only half a person: while his human faculties focus on writing thrillers for young people, at any given moment his other functions could be being operated by toads, Komodo dragons, squid, hag-fish, or so-called 'evil' badgers. He lives in London.


For the last ten years Sam Enthoven worked as a part-time bookseller, living largely on a diet of instant noodles and parsnips while honing his skills as a writer of thrillers for young people. He is passionately possibly 'certifiably' committed to the ideal of "books that make kids want to read." His writing desk is made out of a squashed wardrobe. His favourite pastimes include playing lead guitar with the band Sour Mash Daddy And His Sixty Wives and practising tai chi while listening to skull-cracking drum-and-bass. "Hey," he says, "it works for me." He lives in London.

Which is truth? Which is legend? ONLY YOU CAN DECIDE.

what the Hell is this?